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sv. categories

People are incredibly interesting and diverse and the things around us can and should reflect our personal style and stories. We painstakingly hunt, curate, photograph, upload and offer a unique collection that can tap into the hearts and minds of a wide range of customers. Just about every item here is the only one we have and might be the only one we find this month or this year or ever!  We hope you enjoy sourcing vintage with us. Please let us know how we can help.


Vintage barware is a win-win; small square footage and packs a huge punch. Whether outfitting a new home bar or giving a gift, old school cocktail books, vintage glassware and bar accessories are always going to take everyday entertaining to a new level.


Buying estate jewelry is not only an exercise in sustainable fashion but also a way to add incredibly unique, one-of-a-kind accessories that add depth and interest to your personal style. Our collection of antique, hand crafted jewelry dating to the late 1800s, early 1900s is definitely worth a peek. 


Call us old school but we have a super soft spot for books. Whether you want to make your bookcases look cool or you want to gift someone the perfect book, our titles range from the quirky titles of Playboy Publishing to etiquette books from the 1800’s. Peruse our titles, there is certainly something for everyone.

Fun & Games

Winning was always important to me. Maybe it started with bingo at the fire station with my grandmother, her old lady friends and their Trolls. Whatever it was has stuck with me. Card games, board games, kids learning games, I love them all and can’t resist when I spy them in need of a new home.


We gravitated to vintage décor because of the huge array of styles, colors, materials and textures that can’t be found at major retailers or even design centers. The advantage of sourcing vintage is the access it gives to one of a kind elements that speak to you, open creative doors styling the old with the new, and turning a space into one rich in design and deep in stories.


Sourcing vintage vinyl started out as using album cover art as amazing, unique art installations. Then came the sound; the warmth, depth and nuances of the music, it was just so much more interesting to listen to than digital music. Digital music still has its place on the treadmill, but now with advances in technology, playing vinyl on surround sound is a pretty great way to appreciate music at home.

sv. historical

At estate sales in particular, sv. can be an exercise in delving deep into a stranger’s life and it is pretty incredible the things you can come across.  Not yet having mastered the art of appreciating without acquiring combined with a great interest in history and sociology, we have collected an entire category of uncategorizable things that we keep safe but would in many cases love to find just the right home for. As we grow our network we hope to connect with collectors, category experts and auction houses who can help find buyers for these items. Please contact us for more information.



Stamps & Coins