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The One and Only, Lenox

Looks like an ivory vase on a mantle, but everything just like everyone has a story. //

A determined and passionate entrepreneur in New Jersey founded a pottery company in 1889 that would fight uphill battles for decades to create a fine enough product to rival its European competitors. The Ceramic Art Company was later renamed Lenox, Inc.

Lenox is the only American china ever shown at the renowned Ceramic Museum in Sevres, France

Lenox was the first American-made tableware to be selected by the White House (Woodrow Wilson first, then FDR, Truman, and Reagan)

Lenox was the first company to develop a bridal registry and so much more…


Lenox, founded in 1889 is known for their fine bone china and porcelain tableware, decorative pieces, and giftware. Lenox is headquartered in the United States and produces all of their products in the USA. Lenox is wellknown for their classic and timeless designs, with many of their pieces bearing the Lenox hallmark of quality. Their products are crafted from the finest materials and are made to last for generations.

Many of their designs feature beautiful gold accents and are decorated with intricate floral motifs. Lenox is especially popular among collectors and connoisseurs of fine china. Lenox is a timeless brand that has been in production for over 130 years. Highly sought after by those looking for a touch of vintage elegance in their homes, that is exactly why I love my Lenox ivory and gold vases.

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