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Fred Press (1915-2006) was a designer, artist, and entrepreneur best known for his Mid-Century modern barware designs. Born in New York City, Press was an early adopter of the modernist aesthetic, which he incorporated into his designs. His barware has become sought-after and highly collectible, due to its bright colors and geometric shapes.

Press began his design career in the 1940s, working as a freelance artist and designer. His designs often featured bright colors and geometric shapes, which set them apart from other barware designs of the time.

Press eventually founded his own company, Fred Press Designs, Inc., in 1952. He created a wide range of designs, including stemware, tumblers, shakers, and decanters. Many of his designs featured bright, bold colors, such as cobalt blue, fire-engine red, and deep green. He also experimented with a variety of shapes, from angular to curved.

Press’s barware designs were popular in the 1950s and 1960s. They were often featured in popular magazines such as House Beautiful and Good Housekeeping. His designs have become highly collectible and sought-after, the modernist aesthetic and vibrant colors takes the simplest cocktail to the next level of home entertaining.