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I said absolutely no books and then I walked out of the estate sale with a body bag full covering Voltaire to a whole Rain Man collection of gambling how-to’s and then this little number… and I couldn’t be more excited. 🤓

The inside of this book – the humor and illustrations – priceless.


It takes a little confidence and a sense of humor to give an odd-ball (yet clearly very intentionally chosen) wrinkled paperback to someone. But when you get the eye contact and smile back followed by the thumbing through the book… and maybe it even gets passed around for others to check out….?! THAT is magic.

Gift giving should always aim to be personal but it doesn’t always have to be pretty. So, consider a super-awesome, one of a kind book that really really nails it this year for someone – even if you just throw it on top of the (pretty) present wrapped below.

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