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My Kind of Apple Pie

Some may prefer the criscrossy crusty pieces across the top where you can see the delicious filling inside… But this here is my very own recipe. Never goes bad and, in fact, gets better over time. 🤓


How about them apples? I made my best friend wait by her phone in our hotel room while I met a stranger, who happened to have a landscaping business, drop these two apples off to me at the valet turnaround of our hotel during covid. I ended up giving one away to my son’s teacher who was leaving the school to raise her two little boys. I figured a brass apple would be a forever symbol of being a teacher, that is essentially what we parents are anyway.

And the pie bird… let’s be clear I had never even heard of a pie bird until I started interviewing collectors and in my very first conversation pie birds came up. Would you know I ended up selling this particular pie bird to a woman whose mother collects (and acutally uses) pie birds but she didn’t have one quite as small at this little one. Just so happened she lived up the street from me so I dropped it off at her front door.


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